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our story

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Ask a Cosmic Babe about her quartz crystal and she’ll go on to tell you about her soul's evolution. She’ll describe the first spiritual book she ever read, how her daily self-care rituals like meditation led her to evolve into her highest-self (AKA her inner Cosmic Babe). For the past three years, these conversations have been at the heart of everything we do. All our products are inspired by soul sisters like you. It’s why we create items that are meant to empower with doses of fun mixed in here and there—everything that fits a Cosmic Babe’s lifestyle. We don’t just create magical products, we are on a mission to inspire and empower you to discover your inner Cosmic Babe. While not everyone gets our lifestyle, to us it’s magical, fun, and it aligns deeply in our hearts. We believe it's every babe's birthright to release limiting beliefs, rediscover her magic, all while falling in love with herself more everyday.

meet our founder

Roseanne is the founder of Cosmic Babes Club.  When she couldn't find products she was craving, she made them herself and soon decided to share them with others and soon Cosmic Babes Club™  was born. The company may have started with her, but its future is where everything she creates is inspired by you. 

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our product philosphy

Our belief is that everyone should feel free to embrace and express their truest selves and love themselves for who they really are. And how magical it is to sport products that amplify the magical goddess in you?! 

all self-evolution journeys are beautiful 

 We are all unique with different backgrounds—yet at a core level, we're all Cosmic Babes living a human experience. At the end of the day, we're here to share our stories, lift ourselves and each other up, inspire and empower each other, and ultimately help heal the planet.

We’re glad you’re on this journey with us and it’s nice to meet you! Now that you're here, discover our products and see what aligns with your soul.

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Our Graphic Tees 

Giirl with the power tee
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Made to order

Better for mamma earth

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Like being hugged by a cloud

We use high-quality materials for our apparel products- they're so soft you'll wanna sleep in them too!

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Your order helps support a small women-owned business

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