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Rose Water Spray

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This single ingredient organic all-natural face care product is a must have to add to your daily skincare routine

✔Non-toxic face spray for all skin-types. Use for face, decolletage, neck, and body. Hydrate, moisturize, and revitalize skin and balance PH

✔Absorbs quickly into skin and calms red and irritated skin

✔Controls excess oil and may help lower inflammation and clear breakouts

✔Perfect makeup setting spray & natural makeup remover

INGREDIENTS: Rose Hydrosol

We Use The Good
✔ Organic ingredients

✔ 100% pure

✔ Synthetic fragrance free

✔ Vegan

✔ Cruelty Free

We Leave Out the Icky
✔No parabens, alcohol, preservatives, glycol, synthetics, or dyes

✔Unlike other brands that may have a week or bad smell or use synthetic fragrances, our rosewater spray has a vibrant, all-natural aroma of fresh roses

✔Bottled in its USA in a shatter-free, BPA-free plastic bottle with a light mist sprayer

✔No added ingredients -100% pure and organic product

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